Ncurses and env problems

Filip Joelsson filip at
Wed Oct 18 02:50:34 PDT 2000

> There's a slight error here:
> when chroot /lfs env failed it meant that there was no 'env' program in 
> $LFS/bin or $LFS/usr/bin
> the fact that env -i... worked (without chroot) means that the program was 
> present on RedHat. We're looking at different env programs.

I see.

> So check if $LFS/usr/bin/env is present and if so, make sure it's statically 
> linked at this point by running ldd $LFS/usr/bin/env

It's not there. Must have been due to a typo on my part (I wonder how much more has been misplaced).

> Try this:
> enter chroot
> cd /usr/lib
> ln -s g++-2 g++
> Try compiling again.

Slight problem here. I used locate in the chrooted environment, without env, so it used the regular locate-db - and reported the strstream.h of the RH install. Strstream does come with gcc though, so now I've a couple of compelling reasons to restart from scratch (I'll atleast learn to avoid these mistakes in the future <:).


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