Successful Install and Thanks

Rich Rudnick nickrud at
Thu Oct 19 11:42:53 PDT 2000

Excellent job!  With only a hiccup while compiling the static version of bash, your
instructions took me to exactly the bootable system I was looking for.  This will be
a _very_ serviceable tool for me while I get the kind of nuts and bolts knowledge
about linux I'm looking for.  Not since the early 80's (the atari's source was 
available for $25) have I had a system where I actually had a gut-certain confidence
that I knew or even could know what was there and what it was doing.  At last, I'm not at
the mercy of the machine, but it at mine!)

I hope I'll be able to contribute something to your project.  It's not free beer,
but at least it'll be some free labor:-)

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