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David D.W. Downey david.downey at
Fri Oct 20 11:26:15 PDT 2000

> see as the core of LFS's value.  While the major distributions are
> moving towards dummy-proofing installation and administration (a
> difficult and worthwhile goal), the cost is that the OS becomes
> mysterious and incomprehensible.


> LFS offers the potential for automation without obscurity.

And it provides a way to get back to basis. I get so tired of the GUI craze
sometimes. This would SO be an adequate tool for both an Administrator
Training course as well as a Technical Support training tool. Folks would
actually have to understand what they're doing rather than pulling info from
knowledge bases.

A tool like this could EASILY drop overall cost of technical support
training budgets, increase customer satisfaction (a competent technician is
very quickly spotted, and LFS can ensure that even the worst technician
trained on an LFS system has greater competency than a non LFS trained tech.
(no that doesn't include the geek boy factor :)) ), and help to drop service
claim levels due to greater competency of evaluators.

I, myself, am planning on adding a mandate for new techs and assistant
administrators stating they must build at least one full and complete LFS
based system on company comuters set up expressly for that purpose. Then I
know what their weak points are and their strengths. Excellent tool in this

> -- Rod
> On Thu, 19 Oct 2000, Rich Rudnick wrote:
> > Excellent job!  With only a hiccup while compiling the static version of
bash, your
> > instructions took me to exactly the bootable system I was looking for.
This will be
> > a _very_ serviceable tool for me while I get the kind of nuts and bolts
> > about linux I'm looking for.  Not since the early 80's (the atari's
source was
> > available for $25) have I had a system where I actually had a
gut-certain confidence
> > that I knew or even could know what was there and what it was doing.  At
last, I'm not at
> > the mercy of the machine, but it at mine!)
> >
> > I hope I'll be able to contribute something to your project.  It's not
free beer,
> > but at least it'll be some free labor:-)
> --
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