partition question this time :)

Rakhesh Sasidharan rakhesh at
Tue Oct 24 06:21:19 PDT 2000

> /dev/hda1 is mounted on /mnt/lfs/boot
> /dev/hda2 is mounted on /
> /dev/hda3 is mounted on /mnt/lfs
> /dev/hda2 is the current debian partition that will be sacrificed once lfs
> is running and will be mounted as /home at that stage
> does /dev/hda1 have to be marked as a bootable partition and if so, will
> this cause any problems with debian ?  i.e. at the time i am ready to
> reboot into lfs, do i have to remove the bootable flag from /dev/hda2 ?


But, then, I am assuming you are using LILO to boot into Debian, and that
you would modify /etc/lilo.conf to also include LFS as an option.  If
that's the case, it won't make a difference who the currently active
partition is.


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