Balu's 2.4.2 post-chroot

Thomas 'Balu' Walter tw at
Tue Oct 24 14:40:15 PDT 2000

+-Gerard Beekmans-(gerard at[24.10.00 18:24]:
> > This looks to me like it does install many many locales (including the
> > ones we need), I think, so localedef should not be necessary, or?
> > Localedef-Experts anywhere?
> Ok, but how do you tell your system which of the many locale's to use? I 
> think that's where localedef is for.

AFAI understand the man-page of localedef it is just "reads the
indicated charmap and input files, compiles them to a form usable by the
locale(7) functions in the C library, and places the six output files in
the outputpath directory." 

The Makefile-localedef-call does nothing more than we do in the book - or
perhaps I can not see a difference - it just uses some options more, but
none of them really specifing "not-default" or similar.

Perhaps we should create a diff file of changed files before and after
localedef during next install and see what really changes.

> > I am not sure, the time command is there, (otherwise I would have seen
> > an error), but it does not display the time - perhaps it does not work
> > in chroot...
> time's a bash built-in. Do you have an actual time binary if so where did it 
> come form?

On my older LFS at work (uptime 96 days now 8) it works without a harm -
there is only the bash built-in time. I did not check it really, but I
would bet after rebooting (and not chrooting) it works like expected.

Wierd behaviour though...


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