Balu's 2.4.2 post-chroot

Thomas 'Balu' Walter tw at
Wed Oct 25 07:20:53 PDT 2000

+-Gerard Beekmans-(gerard at[25.10.00 02:52]:
> > AFAI understand the man-page of localedef it is just "reads the
> > indicated charmap and input files, compiles them to a form usable by the
> > locale(7) functions in the C library, and places the six output files in
> > the outputpath directory."
> Could be.
> The main question still stands: how do you tell Glibc and other apps to 
> dispaly French text rather than Spanish or Japanese? There has to be 
> something that defines what you want. An environment variable perhaps then?

I know that there is an environment-variable called LANG or the

Reading the man-page again I read that files called LC_COLLATE and others
are created. That description looks more like it sets some defaults. But
I did not see a difference yet. No german texts or similar. I guess it
sets the defaults for LC_* - currency display, date display and such.
(Defaults are "LANG=C"?)

I don't have a LFS by hand at the moment - perhaps someone can try to do
a diff between a normal and a new "localedefed"-files. See "man
localedef" for the dirs/files that I (now) think are created...

Sorry for confusing, but I think I got something wrong here...
> So should the localedef command be removed or not? Anybody here who actually 
> has his Linux box talk something other than English? I can't test it here 
> myself. Have to install a new LFS system first that includes NLS, I18N and 
> all that jazz. That will be a few days. Hopefully somebody can shed some 
> light here. Since I don't plan on using it myself I don't plan on 
> investigating it thoroughly. Don't got the time for that so I'm completely 
> relying on what you guys test and tell me ;)

Let it inside as it makes no problems this way yet ;). I will try to
send an eMail to the glibc-developers (or localedef-specialists) and ask
for clarification...


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