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Jesse McCrosky mccrosky at ualberta.ca
Wed Oct 25 13:41:14 PDT 2000

	I took a look at the sgml and it looks managable ;)  Hopefully I'll
have 2.5 ready in a little over a week.

	One thing I'd recommend for the intel book as well.  It's pretty common
to see someone posting a problem on the lfs-discuss list without
including relevant information.  Why not have the user install the
attached lfsreport script right after dir creation.

usage: lfsreport 'command' &&
cp /lfsreport.log <somewhere useful>

example: lfsreport 'make install' 

single quotes should not be omitted.

	jesse McCrosky

Gerard Beekmans wrote:
> On Tue, 24 Oct 2000, you wrote:
> > To be honest I know -nothing- about sgml.  I could just edit the html
> > version; I suspect that's what pretty much everyone is using anyway.  I
> > already have a pretty substantial list of stuff to change so I doubt you
> > want to try to modify it from my instructions.  What's your take?
> There's no need to know SGML. All you need to do is edit the .sgml file and
> modify the text. It's actually very straight forward and if you know HTML you
> will have a very easy time figuring out SGML. There are just a few changes.
> Like a paragraph in html is done by <p> </p> in DocBook it's <para> </para>
> and a few more.
> But I don't think you'll need to use a lot of tags. But, sure, if you do have
> problems with modifying the text in the sgml code then just send me a plain
> text file. No HTML - I'll end up having to convert it to SGML. It's much
> quicker to just make SGML from plain text than to convert html to sgml in
> this case.
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