Version Numbers - a silly question?

Patrik Heidefors sfp3334 at
Wed Oct 25 14:35:23 PDT 2000

Ok, maybe I'm the only one who needs a clue.. but I find myself confused as
to which version of a program is the latest at times.

Example: Went to download the proftpd program and I'm offered 4 versions:

Ok, even I know that Release Candidate 2 is newer than rc1, and pre10 newer
than pre9 :)

But, what is the difference between rc2 and pre10? Going by dates, rc2 is
several months newer, but can I conclude that it's also more stable?

In other cases, such as the isdn4-linud package, I'm given yet another set
of choices.
v3.1pre1, v3.1beta7 as well as one numbered 0010251100. The last, I believe
is a CVS snapshot (whatever that is.. :) and tend to be unstable.

Anyway, if someone could take the time to explain linux version conventions,
or point to a faq/howto, I'd appreciate it. Besides, I can't be the only
newbie poking about LFS that is wondering about this. Maybe something to add
to the book?

Patrik Heidefors

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