Balu's 2.4.2 post-chroot

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Thu Oct 26 14:12:23 PDT 2000

For the first question :

The command
localedef -i fr_FR -f ISO-8859-1 fr_FR
during the chroot install :


but this file are allready installed during the installation of glibc, 
so they are overwritted.
On my lfs, glibc is installed with

.../glibc-2.1.3/configure --prefix=/usr --enable-add-ons 
make install_root=$LFS install
make install_root=$LFS localedata/install-locales

and glibc install usr/share/locale/..... af_ZA/  el/     et/     ga_IE/  
ja/           no_NO/         sl/
ar_SA/  el_GR/  et_EE/  gl/     kl_GL/        pl/            sl_SI/
ca/     en/     eu/     gl_ES/  ko/           pl_PL/         sr_YU/
ca_ES/  en_AU/  eu_ES/  hr/     pt/            sv/
cs/     en_BW/  fi/     hr_HR/  lt/           pt_BR/         sv_FI/
cs_CZ/  en_CA/  fi_FI/  hu/     lt_LT/        pt_PT/         sv_SE/
da/     en_DK/  fo_FO/  hu_HU/  lv_LV/        ro/            th_TH/
da_DK/  en_GB/  fr/     id/     mk_MK/        ro_RO/         tr_TR/
de/     en_IE/  fr_BE/  in_ID/  nl/           ru/            uk/
de_AT/  en_US/  fr_CA/  is_IS/  nl_BE/        ru_RU/         uk_UA/
de_BE/  en_ZW/  fr_CH/  it/     nl_NL/        ru_RU.KOI8-R/  wa/
de_CH/  eo/     fr_FR/  it_CH/  nn/           ru_UA/         zh/
de_DE/  es/     fr_LU/  it_IT/  no/           sk/            zh_TW.Big5/
de_LU/  es_ES/  ga/     iw_IL/  sk_SK/

I think that make install_root=$LFS localedata/install-locales install 
every locale data, and
localedef -i fr_FR -f ISO-8859-1 fr_FR install only your language locale.

Is someone use localdef, whithout installing localedata ?

Second question, to display french text I just use gettext during 
installation, look at my gettext hint.
And export LANG=fr_FR and LC_ALL=fr_FR.
If you want you can precise: LC_CTYPE=fr_FR, LC_COLLATE=fr_FR ... or 
just doing LC_ALL=fr_FR.
With that, all the programmes that use gettext speak french.

Attached are my list of glibc file installed, localdef file installed.  
You can make a diff with a system without locale.
(I now understand that I have to zip my file before sending it, sorry 
for the previous two big message (135k).)


Thomas 'Balu' Walter wrote:

> +-Gerard Beekmans-(gerard at[25.10.00 02:52]:
>>> AFAI understand the man-page of localedef it is just "reads the
>>> indicated charmap and input files, compiles them to a form usable by the
>>> locale(7) functions in the C library, and places the six output files in
>>> the outputpath directory."
>> Could be.
>> The main question still stands: how do you tell Glibc and other apps to 
>> dispaly French text rather than Spanish or Japanese? There has to be 
>> something that defines what you want. An environment variable perhaps then?
> I know that there is an environment-variable called LANG or the
> like. 
> Reading the man-page again I read that files called LC_COLLATE and others
> are created. That description looks more like it sets some defaults. But
> I did not see a difference yet. No german texts or similar. I guess it
> sets the defaults for LC_* - currency display, date display and such.
> (Defaults are "LANG=C"?)
> I don't have a LFS by hand at the moment - perhaps someone can try to do
> a diff between a normal and a new "localedefed"-files. See "man
> localedef" for the dirs/files that I (now) think are created...
> Sorry for confusing, but I think I got something wrong here...
>> So should the localedef command be removed or not? Anybody here who actually 
>> has his Linux box talk something other than English? I can't test it here 
>> myself. Have to install a new LFS system first that includes NLS, I18N and 
>> all that jazz. That will be a few days. Hopefully somebody can shed some 
>> light here. Since I don't plan on using it myself I don't plan on 
>> investigating it thoroughly. Don't got the time for that so I'm completely 
>> relying on what you guys test and tell me ;)
> Let it inside as it makes no problems this way yet ;). I will try to
> send an eMail to the glibc-developers (or localedef-specialists) and ask
> for clarification...
>      Balu

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