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On Fri, Oct 27, 2000 at 07:26:20PM -0400, Jonathan Eisenstein wrote:
> longer accessible! After that, I became a Senior Editor at Beyond
> Dominia, a Magic: The Gathering magazine, and received a commendation

you still play MTG? i haven't in a while...i miss that game :)
*looks up at his Microprose MTG and MTG: Spells of the Ancients, i
wonder if i could get WINE to work w/ them :)*

> At that time, I was also experimenting with MUDs, MUSHes, and MUXes. I
> formed two on my own, which, unfortunately, never opened. However, I did
> then join a group of people to develop FiranMUX, a new game that still
> runs strong, though I have since left.

Mmm.. i much prefer M** then IRC (i'm a MOO fan actually) frequent Moo
Canada, Eh? ( but the guys on #LFS have broken me it
seems =P :)

Lemme start over...

I'm 17, living in Canmore, Alberta, Canada ('bout 20 minutes from Banff, right
in the Canadian Rookies) started LFS' at 1.2, only got involved in the
mailing lists a little before 2.3.2.

Started programming at 14 on an old 386/4MB/40MB HD running Dos, moved
up to a p90/32MB/720MB and hit Linux with Debian in '98.

In '99 i started an FS/OSS company called Mountlinux Inc
( but when summer started, i took my leave and
have been chilling since then (allthough i got a job with Bcpub, now)

Apart from trying to help out in any way to this project, there's also
ALFS that i'm quite active in, things i'd like to code (allthough i
doubt i ever will) is a taking a Minimal.db (MOO core) and writting it
from scratch as a plain webserver that servers .html files from a
directory and anoyther goal would be to hack Lambda's server (eck!!) and
add SSL support(has been done before, just needs to be updated to
OpenSSL (my choice) and more debugging done)..
an FS/OSS Pueblo MUD Client written in Qt.

If i ever get my wish i will have a Dual Alpha rack so i can port ALFS
and LFS to Alpha allthough i think i would prefer to pick up a
Netwinder Rack first, these little beast are amazing little guys ;)

*mumbles away*

Jesse Tie Ten Quee - highos at highos dot com

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