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Fri Oct 27 15:53:33 PDT 2000

Hehe, this is easy..

For most of my internet life I was known as Lazer or -=Lazer=-, then I
chose CyberTek. About 2 years ago, after someone told me I was just a bit
too much of a PGP geek, I chose pgpkeys/PGPKeys and it's stuck ever since.

I also use ddowney but that is usually when I'm too lazy to set up the
USERNAME or IRCNICK variables correctly so it defaults to my login name on
some of my boxen. )

On Thu, 26 Oct 2000, Horton, Robert wrote:

> Robert Paul Horton, Jr., although I *try* not to claim the Jr. part. :)
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> Subject: Introductions
> On Wed, 25 Oct 2000, you wrote:
> > On Wed, 25 Oct 2000, you wrote:
> > > +-Jesse Tie Ten Quee-(highos at[25.10.00 05:20]:
> > > > full name is Jesse Robin Tie Ten Quee actually (Robin is my middle
> name,
> > > > the little birds that love to go around in the fall and hop
> around)
> > > Shall we start an introductory-thread? ;)
> > Sure
> > >     Thomas Peter Walter
> > Gerard Leendert Beekmans
> Jeffery Colin McLean aka Felinoid (FELIne humaNOID) aka Evil ranting
> cybercat
> (but never just 'CyberCat' someone else has that nickname)
> Nicknames of the past:
> Commodorian (I was 10)
> Mind Master (Master Mind typed in the wrong order)
> Paranoid (Origiannly to match a friend of mine but opted to stay with
> Mind Master and created a "Delusional" presona around that nick
> I eventually took that nick before becoming "Felinoid")
> Orathelose (Artistic phase..)
> Felinoid (After to many debates where the other uses the argument
> "Your nickname is approrprate" to often this was a reply to
> my very PC version of the comment "to many spy movies")
> I took the nickname after getting into Furrys
> like most of my better nicks I haven't let go of the nick even thow
> the presona is really off the wayside... changing nicks as often
> as I change presona is really not good...
> and of course... my real name "Jeffery Colin McLean"
> there was a time when I went by my middle name "Colin"
> Ring : Hello may I ask who is call'in
> Colin
> Yes who may I ask who is call'in
> Colin
> I am asking for your name sir
> That is my name.. I am Colin...
> Ok now I think thats TMI so I'll shut-up now...

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