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Jeffery McLean jeffery at
Fri Oct 27 20:37:42 PDT 2000

On Fri, 27 Oct 2000, you wrote:
> Wait a minute, here... just wait a minute, are we talking about the same
> project here?


> Debian took _forever_ to move to glibc 2.1.3, i seriously hope there not
> hoping on using an developers release (or snapshot) of glibc in
> there unstable branch, i wonder how they managed to convince everyone on
> that ;)

Debian was in frease for WAY to long the last time
And part of the problem was to much good stuff was comming out just
after they froze so they would unfreaze just long enough to include
the new software.

> > However RedHat is starting to generate a name for themselfs in the
> > crashy/unstable os area.
> Oh, about since after 6.0 ;)

I've not had much problems with 6.0...  7.0 sends shivers up my spine...

> > and finnally it looks like RedHat may not be working with the
> > community anymore.. 

> RH stopped working with the community once they hit the IPO, it's been
> down hill (actually even before) since then.

Gezz... I feel sorry for AC now... (The guy at RedHat who
makes changes to the Linux Kernel and gives it back to
the community)
Some see him as below Linus on the kernel...
I guess RedHat will really hurt this standing in the community...

> As for M$ and Corel... i'm sorry Cowpland left Corel, no matter what
> someone will say about it, he did bring Ottawa (really, if you know the
> history behind it) to where it is now,  M$ buying into the company
> now, this doesn't surpise me, too bad Inprise and Corel didn't
> merged, they could have had some serious potentional.

I liked Cowpland.. Ego and all....  Reminds me of someone I know
[looks in mirror]

> Corel was fucked wayyyy before they got involved with Linux, some would
> say getting involved with Linux actually has saved the company so far,

I agree.. people blame Corels problems on Linux but...
Corel Draw, Word Perfict.. this is Corel..
Those titles really faded into obvivion...
Corel is dead on the Windows platform..
I'd hope other companys folowed Corels example...
(And I suspect Microsoft is conserned about that)
Corel isn't the only company suffering on the WIndows platform...

> Mmm..Netwinders, Wordperfect, Corel Linux, etc

Netwinders are cool... I want one...
> > Well thank the gods for LFS...
> Nah, thx the gods we have the source code, as that matters more, LFS would
> not exists if we didn't have the source... =)

Yeah but then Linux would suck without source code..

Sill LFS.. so now I can build the OS from source code
and not have to deal with snapshots and other madness
(Unless I WANT to)

> Dunno... Bryan pointed out a Gratefull Dead song not too long ago, really
> described how the Distro's are going today, just a shame.

I know...

I want to make my own Linux system that installs from a web browser
(Waiting for the LFS destro thing to be done and use that
as the basis for my idea)

Just use that WIndows feature where it runs .exe files you click on.
Make a short .exe installer.. and go from there...

[It could be e-mailed to people but I'd think the startup screen
would be enough to keep it from accually "infecting" anyone]
-- Doing the impossible daily
Come see my projects and download my code. Open source all the way....

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