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Fri Oct 27 22:04:56 PDT 2000

While we're at the nickname thing, I started IRC'ing in first year of 
College, so that would be september of 1998. I'm not sure what nick I startd 
using, it was probably something unimaginative as "Surfer" (as in 
web-surfer). Then some guy started leaving channels thinking I wasn't able to 
follow him (i wasn't that kind of irc newbie as he took me for) so I started 
following. In the middle of this cat&mouse game I changed my nick, for fun, 
to Chaser. I've used it ever since, right up to 3 months ago it was my 
username on my Linux systems and the name of my computer. Not sure when but I 
started getting tired of the nick after nearly 2.5 years so I changed my 
login name on Linux systems to 'gerard' and renamed my systems to characters 
from "The Lord of the Rings" book (gwaihir is my home-pc so to say, shadowfax 
is that was powers and my notebook, before it died, was 
called Hasufel).

In case anybody wonders about IRC and how addictive it can be: Yes, it can be 
very addictive. During my college days I spend most of my day on IRC (besides 
the regular chit-chats I frequented help channels and starting helping out. 
I've always had a passion to help people). So it was to no suprise that I met 
somebody on IRC from the opposite gender. After a year talking to here I 
started calling her on the phone even went all the way from Holland to Canada 
during Christmas of 1999 to visit her. Her maiden name is Beverly Pichler. 
Her current name is Mrs. Beverly Beekmans aka my beloved wife.

IRC romance works, I'm the living proof ;)

Ok so much for the muchy part. Want to know more about he-who-brings-you-LFS 
drop me a line and I'll be happy to answer more personal stuff ;) (yeah right 
as if anybody would care but hey gotto be your nice host and all that so the 
offer's open)

Cya, time to get some sleep

Gerard Beekmans

-*- If Linux doesn't have the solution, you have the wrong problem -*-

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