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Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Fri Oct 27 22:07:50 PDT 2000

> Anyway I didn't mean to say anyone else did.. just an offhanded comment
> [Ohh lets use a GUI html editor.. yeah..] then the fonts hide the fact that
> your lowercase eL is accually ONE or your zero is accually an upercase
> Oh]
> and a GUI IDE instead of a text editor for coding.. same issue...
> Ohh yeah I just love that pr1nt command and umode (OOO);
> Pritty good odds that most of you are VI people...
> I find pico a lot easyer (But again I don't use pine anymore)

Been there, done that. No more GUI HTML editors for me.'s site is created from scratch using vim by Richard 
Stellingwerff (I'm still impressed how he was able to keep track of the table 
layers he implemented. Quite confusing but the result is great) and I'm 
vim'ing my way through it too.

I'm actually waiting for a vim-flamebait from Bryan (he's a pico guy all the 
way. He would almost issue a company-wide pico policy, banishing the use of 
vim (you better not Bryan! ;))

Gerard Beekmans

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