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Sat Oct 28 17:25:23 PDT 2000

On Sat, 28 Oct 2000, you wrote:
> > I wouldn't count WordStar as a text editor becouse it was designed
> > to be a wordprocessor and really is a very bad example for
> > a text editor.
> Which version are you talking about?
> The ancient version I used in 286 times did not even have a print preview 
> and its files were just plain ASCII. It was definitely a text editor.

CP/M version (older version) saved as text but added control carricters
that really messed things up..
But if you refrained for using those features then WordStar could make
an ok text editor...

Preview wouldn't have been of any use on CP/M
CP/M uses terminals like VT 100 for a display and has absolutly no
graphics support (unless you use a graphic terminal.. and those
were usually connected to super computers not CP/M boxes)

Also printers were diffrent enough that WordStar couldn't
accurately predict the results.
Also vareations of page sizes made WordStar not work like it should.

WordStar is kinda a CP/M thing... ported to Dos so everyone
could have the populare wordprocessor on Dos...

By the time the 286 came out it was kinda old... :)

I've used other really nice wordprocessors that
also saved as text and didn't have a preview option...
But they still make really bad text editors...
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