Static gcc compile prob

Jesse Tie Ten Quee highos at
Sat Oct 28 20:07:02 PDT 2000


On Fri, Oct 27, 2000 at 08:37:42PM -0700, Jeffery McLean wrote:
> Yes

ewwww :P

> Debian was in frease for WAY to long the last time
> And part of the problem was to much good stuff was comming out just
> after they froze so they would unfreaze just long enough to include
> the new software.

I know that, but i wasn't talking about that... i'm speaking about glibc

> I liked Cowpland.. Ego and all....  Reminds me of someone I know


> Netwinders are cool... I want one...

Ditto, a Netwinder Rack is on my wish list (along with an SMP Alpha ;)

> Yeah but then Linux would suck without source code..

I would then be using something else.. like OpenBSD or FreeBSD if i
didn't have access to the source under Linux (not like that is going to
change, linux is just the kernel (and tehre's wayy too many ppl that
would have to change there mind) and the rest of LFS is GNU software (in

> Sill LFS.. so now I can build the OS from source code
> and not have to deal with snapshots and other madness
> (Unless I WANT to)

Yup, sweeet..

> I know...

I'll find it later today (or whenever i get this new t-bird system
running *sigh*)

> I want to make my own Linux system that installs from a web browser
> (Waiting for the LFS destro thing to be done and use that
> as the basis for my idea)

ALFS you mean?

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