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Matthias Benkmann mbenkmann at
Sun Oct 29 11:09:47 PST 2000

> On 28-Oct-00 Matthias Benkmann wrote:
> > I use Joe which is similar to WordStar. I just wish I knew why Joe 
> > misbehaves when I start it in kvt the 2nd time. 
> How does Joe misbehave in kvt?

First I have to say that I don't really know if it's Joe misbehaving. 
Actually I think it's more likely a bug in kvt or termcap/terminfo. The 
phenomenon is as follows:

I open a new kvt (80x24)  and then start "joe xyz|tee joe1st.log" (the 
file xyz contains the 2 lines "1234" and "5678")
Everything is fine.
I do Ctrl-C to exit joe and then immediately start 
"joe xyz|tee joe2nd.log"
and now joe is kinda upside-down. The line that says "Row 1 Col 1" is in 
the 3rd line from the bottom, the "1234" is in the 2nd line from the 
bottom and the bottom-most line reads "Joe's Own Editor ...."
The "5678" is not to be seen at all. The cursor is positioned in the 2nd 
line from the top and when I move the cursor, the row and column numbers 
get written to the topmost line.

Comparing joe2nd.log and joe1st.log yields no differences. It seems that 
the 1st execution of joe changed the terminal state in some way. Neither 
"clear" nor "stty sane" makes a difference. 

But it gets more interesting than that. If I do "export TERM=linux", 
everything works fine. The error *never* occurs when TERM is set to linux. 
If I do "joe xyz|tee joe3rd.log" with TERM set to "linux", only 1 byte is 
different between joe3rd.log and joe2nd.log
BTW, the default value for TERM is "xterm" when I start kvt and it doesn't 
matter which terminal type I select in kvt's options.

Now is this a termcap/terminfo problem, or a kvt problem or a problem in 


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