Horton, Robert rhorton at
Mon Oct 30 08:47:17 PST 2000

you still play MTG? i haven't in a while...i miss that game :)
*looks up at his Microprose MTG and MTG: Spells of the Ancients, i
wonder if i could get WINE to work w/ them :)*

I still play MTG! Love that game. :) Have tons of cards.

> At that time, I was also experimenting with MUDs, MUSHes, and MUXes. I
> formed two on my own, which, unfortunately, never opened. However, I
> then join a group of people to develop FiranMUX, a new game that still
> runs strong, though I have since left.

Mmm.. i much prefer M** then IRC (i'm a MOO fan actually) frequent Moo
Canada, Eh? ( but the guys on #LFS have broken me it
seems =P :)

I actively MUSH.In fact I am getting a MUSH up and running and it should be
completed soon. I can't wait for that. :)

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