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Fabio Fracassi f.fracassi at
Mon Oct 30 10:38:49 PST 2000

Matthias Benkmann wrote:
> > Hmm, i also got this kind of strange behaviour in the times i used Joe. That
> > was not on a LFS-system, but on SuSE.
> I'm talking about SuSE, too. I don't have my LFS system finished, yet.
> Besides, I plan to install GNOME instead of KDE on my LFS system.
> >Anyway, i did never find out why joe
> > misbehaves. Try pressing CTRL-R when getting such an ugly screen. It always
> > helped me, especially after moving things around. Try it and tell me if it
> > works.
> > BTW, this was one reason changing to vi.
> Not under the threat of torture would I switch to vi. Learning to use it
> properly is too complicated. The same applies to emacs, btw. Unless there
> are some dependencies to satisfy, neither vi nor emacs will ever touch my
> LFS system.

In the eyes of most people same applies to Linux ;)
Well, emacs or vi might be slightly more complicated as
other editors, but you earn a lot of flexibility in return.
I don't like vi to much(this comand mode vs edit mode stuff, etc...),
but emacs is great. (By the way xemacs comes with a Menu, which makes it
as easy as any other editor.) It took me two hours to accomodate with
which isn't what I would call hard.
But then you can use it as an IDE for Java/C/C++, Email, Webbrowser

Well, evil toungs say emacs is an OS, not an editor.

Just another point of view


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