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Jeffery McLean jeffery at meowpawjects.com
Mon Oct 30 10:59:44 PST 2000

On Tue, 31 Oct 2000, you wrote:

> Don't get me wrong, i really like the idea of having a security list,
> but this project allready has too many lists...

lfs-tomany      This list to discuss the issue of to many LFS lists
lfs-FUD          This list to devise and develup pro Linux FUD
lfs-whitewater  This is the list to discuss covert raids on Microsoft
lfs-1984          This list for plans on rewashing the allready branwashed
to use Linux (Not Limited to Microsoft drones..)
lfs-RedHat        This list dedicated to defects in distrobutions that may
make it hard to install LFS
lfs-vim              This list for discussing why vim is better
lfs-pico             This list for discussing why pico is better
lfs-joe               This list for discussing Internet porn
lfs-tee               This list for discussing the greatest editor of all time
lfs-insain           This list is all about my personal state of mind
lfs-hollowine      This list is about Microsoft memos..
lfs-xmass           This list is about premoting Linux by giving away
computers to poor children with Linux preinstalled
[accally not a bad idea]

Any other ideas?
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