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Matthias Benkmann mbenkmann at
Mon Oct 30 11:30:15 PST 2000

> vim gets intalled on a standard LFS install ;) 

I'm not following the standard :-)

(and it's not hard, to
> swap your editor with another one if one so whishes)
> It's not too complicated (imho) i've seen editors that are far worse
> (i'm not saying joe is bad, i just prefer vim or something similar)
> I would encourage everyone to at least know how vi works... it's fairly
> rare you don't find a UNIX system w/o it ;)

It's not like I work on other people's systems that frequently. Besides, 
all Unix systems I've used so far had Joe. Well, except for that strange 
SunOS thing at the maths department. One reason why I never bothered to 
get an account there. 

> But not just that, don't limit yourself to one editor, learn pico, etc
> always keep your options open.

I do use pico occasionally and sometimes I use mcedit. And sometimes I use 
xwpe just for editing. That makes 4 editors I use regularly. That's enough 
for me. 


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