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Matthias Benkmann mbenkmann at
Mon Oct 30 11:30:15 PST 2000

> I don't like vi to much(this comand mode vs edit mode stuff, etc...),
> but emacs is great. (By the way xemacs comes with a Menu, which makes it
> as easy as any other editor.) It took me two hours to accomodate with
> it,
> which isn't what I would call hard.

Actually, when I said "emacs" I meant "xemacs" (sorry for being 
imprecise). And yes, xemacs has menus. TONS of them. I'm sure it has 
several hundred menu items spread out over dozens of menus and sub-menus. 
And I like to understand all features of the programs I use (my reason for 
turning to LFS) which seems unfeasible with xemacs.  

> But then you can use it as an IDE for Java/C/C++, Email, Webbrowser
> etc...

> Well, evil toungs say emacs is an OS, not an editor.

If I was to make a guess whether it would be easier for me to understand 
xemacs or the Linux kernel (including all drivers) and the whole GNU 
software suite, I'd go with the latter :-)


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