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Tue Oct 31 14:24:48 PST 2000

Well, my personal touch is that PGP has earned it's wings if not soley by
the fadct that the creator of the product was prosecuted by the American
government even though he was an Italian citizen soley because of the
precieved threat to the American government's control.

They even went so far as to play dirty pool and invite him to a NSA
conference to discuss his creation only to arrest him once he arrived at the
Amercian airport for volation of American National Security laws.

gnupg resulted from a cross effort to ensure that the sale of pgp and it's
source code to Network Associates would never take PGP away from users, thus
ensuring peoples' rights to strong cryptography regardless of what NAI did
with the source code.

Also, by making sure that the source code was in the public eye, they also
helped to ensure that such manuevers reminicient of Skip Jack 1 and 2, and
the Fortezza chips did not take place again. The manuevers I refer to are
the keeping of the source and algorythms used in all 3 products from public
scrutiny yet stating that they were secure. The goverment was not allowing
peer review which has been established within the security industry as being
the number 1 valid way of determining any proposal's capability to deliver.

Also, by making there be 2 major thrusts (gnupg and pgp) it also stops the
government of just about any country from using it's purchasing power
(illegal in the United States) to influence a particular choice of
algorythms, like the US government attempted to do with the AT&T 3600 and
3900 Secure phones.

Now, if we can just come up with a public based encryption routine like that
proposed by the Clipper Chip for systems, I'll be happy. :)

> I've compiled and install PGP/GnuPG before, i was more looking for a
> personal touch from one of you guys (not just the RTFM drill ;)
> But anyways.. i'll look into it sooner or later.
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> Jesse Tie Ten Quee - highos at highos dot com
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