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Fri Sep 1 14:15:02 PDT 2000

I'm working on a dependency list, too.  So far, I have a list of packages
that seem to be universally required, and a couple others that are very
commonly required.  My list of dependencies only includes those packages NOT
part of the universal list.

For your review, in case there is a reason this isn't a good idea, here is
how I intend to do the rest of my dependency checking:

1.  install all static packages to $LFS/usr/local/temp
2.  copy bash, gcc, and make to $LFS/bin, et al
3.  chroot to $LFS
4.  try and install a package.  For all commands that are part of the
"universal" set which are referenced but not yet present, symlink them into
/bin, and record the dependency...thus I will have a list of what commands
are actually needed from the "universally" needed packages (useful for
knowing what to check for before beginning the process)
5.  when installing each package, install to /usr/local/<pkg>
6.  If a package fails because it requires another package, enter a
subshell, then modify the path so that the /usr/local/<pkg>/bin directory is
in the path, and try again.  I can then record the dependency, then exit the
subshell which effectively removes the package from availability.

(darn it, is it depend-E-ncy or depend-A-ncy?  ARGH!)

Anyway, do you see any reason why this would not work?

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On Fri, 01 Sep 2000, you wrote:

> > So then these packages are required to be present during the
> process, to make sure that after patching, you can re-build the make
> Okay, makes sense.  Do we know WHICH packages will need this?  Does the
> book ever refer to running autoconf after patching a package?

Not yet. Is part of the dependency list I'm creating.

Gerard Beekmans

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