Chroot'ed Environment Problem!!!!! Please Help.

Foyah Z. Freeman, Jr. freemanf at
Sat Sep 2 16:41:32 PDT 2000

Good afternoon all: 

I posted this problem last night and did not get any response.  I searched through the archives and did not find anything that could help.  If there is a post that anyone has seen anywhere that might help my situation would be greatly appreciated.

I just entered my chroot'ed environment and got the bash prompt: 


My problem now is that when trying to install gcc, I get this error: 

bash-2.04# mkdir /usr/src/gcc-build 
mkdir: cannot make directory `/usr/src/gcc-build': File exists 

I then run the ls command on my /mnt/lfs/usr/src directory and the results show 
the following: 

bash-2.04# ls 
MAKEDEV-2.5 binutils-2.10 diffutils-2.7 gcc-2.95.2 glibc-2.1.3 grep-2.4.2 linux sed-3.02 sources textutils-2.0 
bash-2.04 bzip2-1.0.1 fileutils-4.0 gcc-build glibc-build gzip-1.2.4a make-3.79.1 sh-utils-2.0 tar-1.13 

These were all files created in the begining of the book (version 2.4). I have 
all of the packages in /mnt/usr/src/sources, and when I had to 
install a package, I copied it to /mnt/usr/src and unpacked it there and issue 
the other commands as written in the book. 

Any ideas as to what I did wrong and where I can go from here as far as making 
it right? Could I copy all of these files to another partition 

Thank you for any and all assistance. 

Linuxly yours 

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