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Sun Sep 3 13:45:01 PDT 2000

I was thinking this was odd when I saw the 2.4 book.

The localedef command (localedef -i en_US -f ISO-8859-1 en_US) should be
executed once in the CHROOT environment, NOT while in the host environment
as indicated in the book. As is, you end up setting the localedef for the
host system.

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I'm installing LFS 2.4 on my portable. Everything went fine until I have to
define the locale of glibc.
I issued the localedef command, but it says:
"cannot write output file to '/usr/share/...': Read-only system"
That's right, my /usr partition is read-only.

Now, I can skip this, and try localedef again when I have LFS up and
My question is: will be there problems during the compilation and install of
the other packages ?

Thanks, Andy.

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