Bzip2 problem on M68K

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Mon Sep 4 02:06:32 PDT 2000


> Are you sure that you need bin86? As far as I know it's an assembler for
> the i386-series...

That's what I thought, but when I checked the PPC book, it is in there too, and that is also an m68k..

I tract the bin86 and bzip2 problems down to binutils....after I compiled binutils in the chroot, nothing would compile after that, not even a simple "Hello World" program.

Luckly, I still have the source tree for my static binutils (which took 9 hours), so I just did a make install on that.

Now, I have left binutils compiling 3 times, and every time it has locked the machine. I keep checking it, and it's compiling...then next time I come back, the machine does not respond to the network or serial console. Anyway, I have now set it off with nohup, so I can see the output if it hangs again..


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