Erich Heintz erich at
Mon Sep 4 17:41:30 PDT 2000

Decided to do 2.4 "by the book" and realized I've been using bin86-0.4 up to
this point. Switched to 0.15.1 as in the download list and hit some trouble.
The Bin86 page in the book reads...

root:bin86# make
root:bin86# make PREFIX=/usr install

when in fact to work (properly/as intended) with 0.15.1 it needs to be:

root:linux-86# make PREFIX=/usr
root:linux-86# make install

I vaguely remember we went from 0.4 to 0.15.1 back to 0.4 for one reason or
another (bad lilo compilations?) but can't remember exactly.

For the sake of canon, which one should be using?

BTW.. for optimal, non-interactive results for 0.15.1 try:

root:linux-86# echo quit | make PREFIX=/usr
root:linux-86# make install

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