Make not finding 'Makefile' in chroot env

Beau Bellamy beau at
Tue Sep 5 01:08:07 PDT 2000

> PS: Why am I still wondering about Linux-Users using outlook?

Hey, Hey, Hey! Easy!

I'm only using My Windoz box becuase it's the only machine i have set up for
sending and recieving e-mail (the client way) right now!

I would like very much for someone to please help me...   I am by no means a
newbie at linux..  It's just that this problem baffles me....   The
Makefiles are generated just fine... but Make doesn't find em...  They are
labeled as 'Makefile'  what more does it want?

Shall I restate my problem?

Beau Bellamy
beau at

MS Windows - Only because I'm forced.... almost at gunpoint...

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