parallel ports

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I know the feeling.
There is PLIP.  Connect the two computers via a "lap-link" cable.  Nice, but
a little limiting.
Xircom used to make parallel port ethernet adapters.  With one of those, you
wouldn't have to have a dedicated computer to provide the network
connection, so you could connect with a Windows box, for example.  And the
cable would be thinner, and could be longer, and many other benefits.
Which one of these you go with depends on what you want.  If the ethernet
adapter is too expensive, I'd go with PLIP.  
But I have scoured the web and can't even find evidence that such products
ever existed, let alone find a place to buy one.  So I have no idea which is
more expensive...  If anybody knows where I can find a parallel-port
ethernet adapter, please let me know!  
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I want to build 2.4 on my laptop, and i'd want a paralell connection from it
to my box. How should I do this?
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