Thomas 'Balu' Walter tw at itreff.de
Tue Sep 5 09:39:51 PDT 2000

+-malkiq at cs.com-(malkiq at cs.com)-[05.09.00 18:34]:
> how the hell can I unsubscribe finally

How did you get subscribed?

Perhaps you've found a description on http://www.linuxfromscratch.org ->
mailinglists "how to subscribe to a list" - a little more downwards
there is another description "how to unsubscribe from a list"

And - this discussion is about linuxfromscratch - a very nice little
book about how to do a linux installation from scratch. This book
contains a complete chapter on mailinglists, which are available, how to
subscribe AND unsubscribe...


PS: Sorry, I did not want to offend you, but all the others that keep
not reading this signature:

ehm - Gerard - where is the sig gone?

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