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David D.W. Downey david.downey at
Thu Sep 7 01:24:47 PDT 2000

OK, somehow my comments got misconstrued and folks seemed to think I meant
we should take ALFS close sourced and charge money for it.

Let me emphatically say.. NO WAY! I am a member of the Open Source
Developers Network, Sourceforge, Open Source Writers Guild, Linux
Professional Institute, and a myriad of other groups simply because I do
NOT agree with the closed source model!

I created KiXO Linux because a) I wanted a way to give back to the
community, b) wanted to show that a collective group of people can create
an outstanding product without being closed source, c) that you can make a
saleable product from open source material, and finally d) because it's
fun as hell! (Order does not reflect priority)

KiXO Linux COMES from the LFS which also means that when ALFS is ready
I'll be using that as well. Now, if I'm creating something FROM something
why would I advocate a course of action that would hurt the something I
used to create what *I* created? I'd have to be the dumbest twit on the

No folks, I would actually get really pissed off if LFS went private, the
same goes for ALFS which I see as the other half of the LFS marriage.

Now, what can i do to help? At this stage I am not too sure. My ability to
do PR is definitely going to be under question especially after this last
round of emails. There are going to be folks that don't believe what I've
just stated even here in THIS email. I guess it comes down to how many of
you think I can do the job AND if you want me to do the job.

Right now, I am working on some major issues at work as well as building
KiXO Linux which is not even out of ALPHA and has already generated some
serious inquiries into it's availability for bundling ect ect. Also bear
in mind that I am a member of LPI which means I have to dedicate time to
assisting there as well with test reviews and exam questions.

This leaves a serious time crunch to deal with. I am willing to make time
appear out of nowhere for LFS/ALFS as I've been doing all along. I guess I
just need to know what/where you guys would like me to work in/on. My
coding skills, while coming along nicely, are not yet up to what I would
consider par. I offer them to the group as they are.

Since we are now moving into serious discussions of the ALFS, I am very
good at pseudo phrasing how something should be. (I pseudo phrased an
important API for use while I was in the military from which the
government now has a fully coded API to work with.)

I'm a well known tinkerer in that I like to take what other folks ahve
done and poke and prod it to find out how to make it better. Sort of an
instinctive thing. I'm not talking beta testing which I have also done,
I'm talking about listening to what's been done already and what's being
planned and making suggestions on how to make the 2 combine.

Other than that, my offer of speaking with others that I know in the
industry about LFS/ALFS is still on the table. I'm not too sure if a
leadership role is where it's at for me as I like to smorgasbord things

Anyways, this email has gotten far too long. I hope this clears up any
misconceptions my comments may have caused.

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