Adding Static Findutils

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Fri Sep 8 05:13:24 PDT 2000

Installwatch preloads versions of open , link ... systems functions. This technique can only work if the programs doing the open are NOT statically linked.
Therefore , Installwatch will start to work as soon as you replace
static linked fileutils with dynamically linked fileutils. Fileutils contains
things like cp , mv , install which are the commands causing most of the
output tracked by installwatch. BTW , this program works using the feature
of ldso , glibc which is causing the glibc 2.1.3 security problem.

Jerry Dinardo

On Fri, Sep 08, 2000 at 02:42:51AM -0400, root wrote:
> I'm using the time stamps with find, and it works fine, but once you get to
> the point where you have X, KDE, Gnome, fonts, and other goodies instlalled,
> installwatch is MUCH quicker.  Installwatch will work in a chroot environment,
> but I haven't figured out at what point it becomes operable. I do know that
> before I torched my Caldera installation to make room for 2.4, I booted into
> Caldera and chrooted back to LFS and installwatch ran and logged some test
> installs. I think that it requires that ldconfig be run, but I don't know
> yet.  What I'm workong on are scripts which log installs, update the logs when
> files from one package overwrites files from another, and tells you which file
> from which package is the survivor.  Good way to learn the system tools and
> shell scripting,  and I'm gradually coming up with a good package manger for
> myself.
> Greg T Hill
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