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Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Fri Sep 8 13:30:42 PDT 2000

On Fri, 08 Sep 2000, you wrote:
> This is my little "hint" contribution.  I assume that this can be used
> however deemed fit.  I have found that when I am having problems getting
> certain applications to compile or need to figure out settings for
> certain packages, I go to slackware.  To be a bit more specific,
>  Grabbing source tarballs from there seems to be a
> bit more beneficial to me.  I had one hell of a time trying to get X
> compiled on my system, until I went and got the source from the
> slackware-current tree.  It had a couple diffs in it which changed some
> of the configuration files in the xc/config/cf directory which I wasn't
> configuring correctly.  Now, I have a perfectly working X.  I cannot
> remember who it was offhand, but one person had mentioned having trouble
> compiling elvis.  I also wanted to use elvis rather than vim, so I
> grabbed the slack setup and ran the SlackBuild script (after checking it
> out for any changes I wanted to make) and voila!

As long as you know what slackware did to the sources it can be a nice aid 

Gerard Beekmans

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