Adding Static Findutils

jerry jdinardo at
Fri Sep 8 15:49:52 PDT 2000

Installwatch will work as long as they do not drop support for the
LD_PRELOAD environment variable. I think it would break a lot of programs
if they did this but LD_PRELOAD can be a dangerous back door that not a lot of
people are aware of.

jerry dinardo
> Makes more sense, but does this mean that if glibc is patched, Installwatch will no longer work?   This can't be limited to glibc-2.1.3, can it? Installwatch
> has been around a couple of years unmodified, since 1998.
> Greg T Hill
> $ ddate
> Today is Sweetmorn, the 32nd day of Bureaucracy in the YOLD 3166

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