M$-Linux (was: What goes with Netscape?)

Florin Boariu florin at bnv-bamberg.de
Sat Sep 9 17:14:30 PDT 2000

On Sat, 9 Sep 2000, Jesse Tie Ten Quee wrote:

> On Sat, Sep 09, 2000 at 02:25:45PM -0700, Rod Roark wrote:
> > Unfortunately Mozilla, Konqueror, et al are not quite there yet. 
> > Hopefully soon.  :-)
> Actually...there REALLY close, imho
> I've been using Mozilla quite alot more (then again, i've been using it
> for the last 6 months... :)

I had a tarball of some nightly snapshot. That thing was about 10 MB (or
was it 20) to download. It took almost 3 days to compile on an 200 MMX
(with interruption -- might have been 30 hrs alltogether) and caused 1.4
GB (yes, one point four gigabyte) of trash. Which, of course, didn't run.

I downloaded a binary distribution ("I was young and needed the money"),
which surprinsingly did run. At least somehow... it didn't crash as often
as the netscape, I must admit, but it still sucks. It's too big. I'm
having several msecs (up to several secs) delay while trying to browse a
window's menu -- that really sucks.

I'm really looking forward to konqueror (release date of kde2: sometime
next week), especially because it's been completely translated to romanian
;-) [big congrats to Claudiu Costin so far! he'll probably never read this
posting though]


Ironically enough, KDE, which made the impression to "get bigger day by
day but not necessarily better", and which was blamed for it's lack of
(L)GPL compatibility, seems the only way to go nowadays...

In a world with Lotus Notes running on SuSE-Linux machines, Netscape
constantly crashing, people migrating from Windows' MS/Star-Office to
Linux' StarOffice and taking their .DOCs and .XLSes with them banning
LaTeX and PostScript even from Linux boxes with statements like "yacc!
text programming!" and so-called unix system administrators re-installing
a whole linux system simply because they don't know how to change the
default route, I feel more and more like M$-Linux knocking on my door. No,
wait! It's already in here...

LFS -- The Last Resort ;-)

> Besides, i don't see why you guys always have trouble with Netscape...

Having to use programs constantly crashing at random was one of the
reasons I broke up with windows. Unfortunately, that's what I get with

> you just don't do certain things with it, unless you get Blackdown.

Does the term "banana software" ring a bell?

What's Blackdown?

[...] try this new version instead, which many people believe to
      be the perfect compromise between new and old bugs. :)

	-- announce of ircII 2.9 "roof"

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