amd k6-2 500

Michael Irving laric at
Tue Sep 12 13:42:30 PDT 2000

At 22:40 12.09.00, you wrote:
> >> actually, come to think of it, i had to install a driver to fix
> >> a problem with my k6-2 500 and 95. i had to underclock
> >> it to 300 and install the patch and restore it back to 500.
> > I'm using a K6-2 500 as well, and have had no problems so far, in either
> > Linux or Windows 98 (aside from when I was seeing how far I could
> > it, but that's a different story...).  So, I doubt there's any special
> > you need for Linux to support your K6-2.
>maybe i need to replace the fan on the cpu. i'll do it tommorrow and try
>again tommorrow evenin. is it safe to just delete the gcc-build and
>gcc-2.95.2 folders and recompile?

There is no need to remove the gcc-2.95-2 --- it is unaltered.

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