amd k6-2 500

Gerard Beekmans gerard at
Tue Sep 12 15:19:08 PDT 2000

> I'm using a K6-2 500 as well, and have had no problems so far, in either
> Linux or Windows 98 (aside from when I was seeing how far I could overclock
> it, but that's a different story...).  So, I doubt there's any special
> patch you need for Linux to support your K6-2.

This might be interesting:

- begin quote -
Hello Tomislav, 
certain models of AMD K6 ( and I am the lucky owner of one of them ) have 
a bug, which makes the processor execute an instruction twice from time 
to time. It happens only if the CS:IP exceeds 32M. It happens quite 
seldom. Some OSes do not even fly so high. I ran Windows 95, NT for 3 
on that processor and did not know there is a problem. It was discovered 
for first time when I compiled a kernel - got SIG 11. 
Everything you read above is the well known problem. AMD confirms that 
this is their bug. Somwhere on the net there is a site dedicated 
SIG 11 problem. I saw there even bad AMD's serial number ranges. 
So, now, I've spent so much time pounding on keyboard and you did not 
answer my so short question - AMD K6? 
Sergey Ostrovsky 
sostrovs at 
- end quote -

Check the above link to read the entire thread.

Gerard Beekmans

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