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Per request, current TODO and Changelog list:

2.5.1 - September 5th, 2000

Chapter 6: Installing Vim as the first program. In case you need to edit 
something you an editor available right away.

And have done some minor things that won't appear in the Changelog.

The TODO list:

* comment boot scripts
* test newer MAKEDEV (a c programs as opposed to the shell script)
* make some changes to adhere to newest FHS
* see if sysvinit can be patched not to send signals (like it does with 
sending term, sending kill). It doesn't seem to work anyways, or it doesnt' 
do a global term/kill and only in the shell that called shutdown. I'll still 
have to test that further. But the sendsignals script that's used seems to be 
doing a better job
* explain why sed is run from time to time - or more general; explain why 
things are done when it's not just a configure&&make&&make install
* add a description of makedev in the appendix
* discuss creation of /etc/lfsversion
* see what to do about shadowpassword not installing libraries. KDE seems to 
be having problems, but it's more of a KDE problem than shadow password. But 
I can at least mention it.
* The localedef command must be executed inside chroot, not right after the 
Glibc installation while we're still outside chroot
* see if --bindir works. That way no more 'mv $LFS/usr/bin/bash $LFS/bin' and 
such constuctions
* see which packages need a make info&&make info-install in order for the 
info pages to be installed

Gerard Beekmans

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