amd k6-2 500

Michael Renzmann mrenzmann at
Wed Sep 13 01:00:17 PDT 2000

Hi Andrew.

> actually, come to think of it, i had to install a driver to fix
> a problem with my k6-2 500 and 95. i had to underclock
> it to 300 and install the patch and restore it back to 500.
> could this apply to linux?

Well, I have an AMD-K6/2-500 running at 550 MHz and did not experience
any problems with either Linux nor Windows 98. Win95 had a timing loop
that was dependant some kind to the processor speed, and any k6(/2) with
300 and more MHz caused this loop to produce a "division by zero"
failure. I never heard of a similar problem in conjunction with Linux.

Bye, Mike

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