News server?

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Hey, what do you know, it works!
Stupid Microsoft help doesn't have a clue...
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Which version of Outlook are you using?  I've got Outlook 2000 here at work,
and the closest thing I've found to threads is when you select the menu
option "View > Current View > By Conversation Topic".  Earlier Outlooks
might have it, but I wouldn't be surprised if Outlook Express doesn't...  

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I gotta admit, there are so many messages flowing across this list (and the
others) that I can't read them all and still get any work done.  And, I
really wish I could view them in a threaded format, like you can with a
newsreader.  But, alas, I am stuck using Outlook, which (as far as I can
tell) doesn't give me that option.  

So, what's the likelihood of using a news server to handle all this stuff?
I vaguely recall something being mentioned, but I don't know where that ever
got to.


-- John 

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