glibc segfault

Richard Bland RBland at
Thu Sep 14 10:12:27 PDT 2000

I'm really 'Rich B', but posting from work now...

First off, sorry for the HTML mail - I mail in plaintext, but our M$
Exchange Server HTML-ises our plaintext - nice...

I'm using the LFS 2.4 book from the web site (downloaded a couple of days
I'm building FROM a LFS 2.3.7 box, which I believe has binutils-2.10. I also
compiled binutils-2.10 for the 'new' 2.4 box.

Any more info _may_ have to wait 'til I'm back at home in front of the box -
depends on my memory.

>P.S.  Do you have a Bud for me ?
I'm afraid the account is a legacy from when I used to work for 'them' - I
never did get any free beer either :(. I'll send you a picture of a bottle
if work this one out ;)



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More information - as much as you can give.  You should do this whenever you
report a problem.

First off - what version of LFS are you trying to install?  I bet it is an
old one.  If so, what version of binutils are you using?  You should upgrade
to binutils-2.10.

Tom Veldhouse
veldy at

P.S.  Do you have a Bud for me ?

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> Hey All,
> I'm getting a segfault compiling glibc. I've turned off my -O3 optimise
switch, but it's still dying. It seems to be dying at the sunrpc compile. Do
I need this? (compiling for old 486 box destined to be SQL server).
> Attached is make output.
> Thanks
> Rich

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