Can I use precompiled gcc-libc?

Avery Fay afay at
Fri Sep 15 21:02:12 PDT 2000

> > I tried to install these from SuSE rpms and Debian debs but neither
> > is fooled into installing to $LFS - too smart! I would very much
> too smart or too dumb...depends the way you look at it ;)
> > appreciate any pointers to binaries if possible or some advice on
> > circumventing this problem.
> Ok what you can try to do is simply copying the /lib/* files from SuSe to
> LFS partition. You also will have to copy some files form /usr/lib
> (the static libraries). Don't copy all the files, so you have to do a 'ls
> /usr/lib' to see which ones belong to glibc. They have the same names as
> ones in /lib, but just end with a .a extension.
> Though conventions vary from system to system, so don't take my word for

If you'd like I can send a list of every file installed by glibc on my
system (I keep logs of installations) so that you know which files to move

Avery Fay

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