glibc segfault

Joe Weidenbach weidenba at MNIC.Net
Sat Sep 16 15:41:15 PDT 2000

> > I'm getting a segfault compiling glibc. I've turned off my -O3 optimise
> > switch, but it's still dying. It seems to be dying at the sunrpc 
> > Do I need this? (compiling for old 486 box destined to be SQL server).

I ran into that on my laptop too, and the new binutils seemed to fix that.  
I also ran into a few other problems, ut they turned out to be realated to 
my hard drive going bad (stupid cheap gateway components).  If you do run 
into more prolems and they say anything about I/O, you might try running 
bablocks and outputting to a file.

Best of luck!

Joe Weidenbach

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