glibc segfault

Richard Bland RBland at
Mon Sep 18 08:38:56 PDT 2000

OK, just to 'tidy' this one up, I did the following to fix this:

* re-installed binutils-2.10 on my original 2.3.7 system with no
* re-installed gcc on my original 2.3.7 system with no optimisation
* cleaned out the new LFS 2.4 build and started over.

Since I wasn't that far into the 2.4 build, it wasn't a big a deal to start


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Hey All,

I'm getting a segfault compiling glibc. I've turned off my -O3 optimise
switch, but it's still dying. It seems to be dying at the sunrpc compile. Do
I need this? (compiling for old 486 box destined to be SQL server).

Attached is make output.


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