e2fsprogs and ld.so

KURIYAMA Kazunobu kazunobu.kuriyama at nifty.com
Mon Sep 18 16:30:45 PDT 2000


I've built an LFS 2.4 on my machine and it works...

But during the installation of the e2fsprogs, I got an `ignored' error
as follows:

making  install-shlibs in lib/uuid
make[1]: Entering directory  `/usr/src/e2fsprogs-1.19/lib/uuid'
../../mkinstalldirs   /lib   \
/bin/install -c llibuuid.so.1.2  /lib/libuuid.so.1.2
strip  --strip-debug \
ln -s -f  libuuid.so.1.2   /lib/libuuid.so.1
ln -s -f  /lib/libuuid.so.1 \
make [1] :  ldconfig: command not found
make [1] :  [install-shlibs] Error 127 (ignored)
               < -take a look here
make [1] :  Leaving directory `/usr/src/e2fsprogs-1.19/lib/uuid'

Because the procedure ignored the error and did not stop the
installation process, it seems that
the installation was carried out completely , at least in appearance...

My question is this: Can we safely say that the installation really
completes? The resulting
executables will function normally?

In LFS Book, the installation of the e2fsprogs package precedes that of
the ld.so package.
So it is quite natural for the LFS system to complain about the missing
command. Even if
we had installed the ld.do packed before the e2fsprogs pakage,  the
installtion would  be failed
because there were no /etc/ld.so.conf file.

Does this suggest that we have to install the e2fsprogs again after
making the LFS system bootable?
I'm not sure if the installtion is ok.

Of course, this is not fatal, but I think it requires some comment on


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