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Mon Sep 18 16:48:13 PDT 2000

On Wed, Sep 13, 2000 at 11:14:46AM -0700, John Arrowwood wrote:
> I gotta admit, there are so many messages flowing across this list (and the
> others) that I can't read them all and still get any work done.

Is there any interest in starting up a "Kernel Cousin" for LFS? There seems
to be enough traffic on these lists to *more* than justify creating one.
Would anyone be interested in participating in a group-authoring such a
thing, along the lines of KC Debian <>? If
enough people are interested, I think it could work, and the weekly time
commitment from any one person would still be very small.


>  And, I
> really wish I could view them in a threaded format, like you can with a
> newsreader.  But, alas, I am stuck using Outlook, which (as far as I can
> tell) doesn't give me that option.  
> So, what's the likelihood of using a news server to handle all this stuff?
> I vaguely recall something being mentioned, but I don't know where that ever
> got to.
> Thanks!
> -- John

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