LFS 2.4 build with LFS 2.4 (fwd)

p5kce matthias.dittgen at student.uni-halle.de
Tue Sep 19 04:56:17 PDT 2000

Hi there!

-> LFS 2.4 installed out of SuSE6.1base system - works well!
now trying to build
->LFS 2.4 out of LFS 2.4 - strange behavior in chroot env.
the static part works fine
beginning with dynamic part:

1.) MAKEDEV can't find root.kmem and the other groups to set permissions
right, but I have installed /etc/group the same way (same script) as out
of my old SuSE

2.) gcc can't evaluate the "install host" or something like that, but out
of my old SuSE it had been working!

whats wrong with chroot????
i am working with:
# chroot /target bash --login -e script

please could you answer to my eMail address, because I am not reading your
list all the time. Thank you in advance,


mailto:  matthias.dittgen at student.uni-halle.de

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