kernel-2.4.0 and authentication

KURIYAMA Kazunobu kazunobu.kuriyama at
Tue Sep 19 11:05:23 PDT 2000

    Hi all,

I introduced kernel-2.4.0-test4/8 to my LFS-2.4 because I need its
support for  i810 mother board,
USB keyboard and mouse, and esssolo1 soundcard.

I got a weird thing as well as what I had expected with that kernel; it
always takes looong time from my
putting password to bash prompt's appearing.

What should I do to fix it?

I've never experienced this kind of phenomenon. So far have installed
the kernel to RedHat 6.2 and a Slackware-based Linux distro
(kernel-2.2.14 with glibc2.1) and found nothing wrong.

I applied the same /usr/src/linux/.config to each for kernel building
because these three are on the same

In a sense, the modified LFS functions normally because it ALWAYS takes
just ONE MINUTE for authentication.

Yes, I replaced some packages with the ones suggested in the kernel
source tree's
Documentaion/Changes before installing the new kernel.
(To be more specific, modutils and util-linux.)

If this is not a common phenomenon with LFS, I apologize for disturbing
you all ; I am living
in a multi-byte character world (geometrically, you might call it the
dark side of the earth) , so it takes
a day to stop annoying you...just like my LFS....


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