dueling compilers Was: 2.5.1

James J. jjohnson at eclipse.ncsc.mil
Wed Sep 20 12:19:56 PDT 2000

Incidentally, what is the difference between gcc and egcs? (Beside the
fact that one does a better job of compiling X401 for an i810 than the

>      "If your PC uses i810 and you need X401, it would be better to choose
>egcs-2.91-66 from
>the beginning because gcc-2.95.2 is able to compile X401 all but an X server
>driver module for i810.
>(This failure does not quit the compilation, so you are likely to overlook it
>until the compilation has finished.)
>This is due to a bug which prevents the compiler from parsing the kernel header
>file agpgart.h, and thus
>the driver module fails to be compiled."
>In case the latest gcc is free from this bug, please forget this comment.

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